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Introduction A manual for using Wingman. The goal of this manual is to help you familiarize yourself with Wingman by listing options and their possible combinations. Usage For a general overview of possible command-line options: ./wingman --help output Usage of ./wingman: -allow-internal-hosts Disable SSRF protection e.g. scan localhost (use with caution) -b-no-cookies Don't scan with cookies during the Chrome session -b-no-source-mods Stops modifying JS sources (may fix broken websites) -b-passive Only performs passive scans during the Chrome session (no HTTP requests) -c-depth int Sets crawler depth (default 3) -c-limit int Limits the amount of URLs that will be crawled (0 means no limit) -c-threads int Sets crawler threads (default 5) -c-timeout int Sets crawler timeout (when to abort HTTP requests) (default 5) -chrome Starts a Chrome instance for live scanning (while browsing) -crawl Crawls and scans given URLs -d string Form data to send with request -exclude value Scans to exclude, separated by comma (e....

January 25, 2021 路 4 min 路 Us

Announcing: Wingman

Introduction After a lot of time and hard work, it鈥檚 finally ready. We鈥檙e excited to announce our new product: Wingman. Wingman is a new kind of XSS scanner. We managed to eliminate many false-positive and false-negative issues by designing our methodology from the ground up. Ideal for infosec professionals, bug bounty hunters, and hobbyists. How we stand out Context-Awareness Wingman has context-awareness. That means that Wingman can evaluate many different scenarios and act accordingly....

January 16, 2021 路 3 min 路 Us

Installation guide

Introduction This guide will demonstrate how you can install Wingman on various platforms in a few simple steps. Wingman comes as a standalone binary and does not require any installation except for activating your license. Additionally every license can be activated twice and renewed indefinitely. Installation Download your license and binary from the dashboard after you have setup your account and claimed your free trial. Then proceed with the instructions matching your operating system....

January 2, 2021 路 2 min 路 Us